A Pattern Of Prayer Worth Keeping

When I met Dave I was 18 years old. It wasn’t just his authenticity that attracted me, but also his desire for God to be glorified in whatever his future held for him. It wasn’t long after we began dating that he suggested we pray at the close of an evening out. And it was simple. It was committing the time we just spent together into the Lord’s hands and thanking Him for the opportunity to get to know each other. That was it. And it was just what I needed. The security of a new relationship being built on honoring God without having to bare my soul too soon.

As time went on, our relationship deepened. We laughed together. Cried together. Experienced new adventures together. And continued to pray together.

Dave still takes my hand each night and prays with the same reverence he did when I was 18. He still thanks God for the day we were given, committing everything we did into His hands and for His glory. And also commits our sleep to the Lord, along with that of each of our children, grandchildren and moms.

Consistent prayer has been a backbone of our relationship. There are times when we’ve walked the floor in intercessory prayer, and other times on our knees in prayers of consecration. It’s simply bringing every need, as well as committing all to God on a daily basis.

What about you? 2021 could possibly be the year to begin a prayer of commitment and thankfulness to Him each night. May we continue to not only pray for others, but also commit our own ways to God daily as we serve our Lord Jesus Christ!

‘Pray for us, for our conscience is clear and we want to live honorably in everything we do’. Hebrews 13:18 NLT