Start a Coastal Church E-Life Group!

Online Groups are like real Life Groups, except they meet remotely through video chat.

Attending E-Life Group

In addition to joining us for church online, you may consider attending life group through video chat. E-Life Groups allow you to continue face-to-face communication with your small group, even as we self-isolate. All you need is a computer or mobile device to get started.

There are 2 ways you can attend an online Life Group. First, you can sign-up to join a group and our team will help find the right fit for you. Second, you can communicate with your existing group and select a video chat platform to continue meeting.

For small groups still wanting to meet in-person, we recommend group members refer to government and public health websites for the most up to date information, recommended precautionary measures, and requirements.

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Don't have a life group?

We would love to help you find an online Life Group! All of our existing groups have unique attributes and meeting times, which may affect how quickly we can place you into a group. Please click the sign-up link and we’ll do our best to assist you.

3 Steps to Starting an Online Group

Communicate with Your Group

Rather than cancelling your life group, we recommend introducing them to the concept of e-life groups! Communicating this change is key to keeping everyone connected during this season.

Choose Your Platform

There are many great solutions online that will allow groups to play a video and have a discussion time. We recommend using Skype, but other services include Zoom and Google Hangouts.

Host Preparation

We want to help make your e-group transition as seamless as possible. Our team has prepared Life Group videos, discussion questions, and other resources that will be emailed to you weekly.

E-Life Group Participation

Choose Your Platform

Setting up video conferencing tools on your device is an essential requirement for your participation in an online group. There are many different video conferencing tools available, and it’s up to your group which one to use. Options include:

Skype Video Chat
Coastal Church recommends using Skype because it’s free, has no time-limit or participant restrictions and can be joined by users with a simple meeting link.

Google Hangouts
Great option for groups who are already connected via Google/Gmail. Each group member will need a Google account to meet using Hangouts.

Similar to Skype, Zoom allows group leaders send out a URL invite to group members, who can join without having to sign-up for an account. The free account does have a time limit of 40 minutes for groups over 2 people. We recommend using only if a group member has a paid account.

Facebook Messenger
Good option for groups who are already using Messenger for group communication.

How to Use Skype for E-Life Groups

We recommend Skype for all of our online groups. It’s free to use, available on multiple devices and doesn’t restrict participants or meeting time. Skype works on a variety of different devices that group members can choose from – via mobile, computer, Xbox and Alexa. All participants will need access to a microphone and a camera that shows your face. Below are a few links and a helpful video to get you started:

Download Skype
Skype Support Q & A

Play Video

What to Expect

  1. If you are attending for the first time you will be asked to meet with the leader beforehand. This will help the leader get to know you better, before introducing you to the group during your first online meeting.
  2. Make sure your computer/tablet/phone is connected to the internet and ready to video conference using Skype (or another video conferencing tool your leader has chosen).
  3. Come with a heart to contribute and learn.
  4. Be sensitive to the start and finishing time. E-Life Groups should last about 60 minutes, so it’s best to arrive on time and give others an opportunity to speak during discussion.
  5. Avoid bringing controversial questions or issues into the group. The leaders are not pastors or counselors, they are volunteers who faithfully follow Christ and will pray for you. If you have a difficult question or situation, share it with the leader and they can have a ministerial staff get in touch with you.
  6. There is never any room for foul language, the use of alcohol or drugs, sexual or abusive language.
  7. Pray for your life group leader and the host.

Ensuring Quality Discussion

  • All guests will be asked to be on video
  • Please join in a quiet environment if possible
  • Please unmute during discussion. (Unless in a noisy setting). This allows for a more organic, free-flowing conversation.
  • Join from a location where you have a strong internet connection. If possible, plug directly into an ethernet cable.