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Local Missions

Opportunities In Vancouver

Below is a list of local missions partners in the community that Coastal Church has linked arms with and purposed to support. There are several individual and group volunteer opportunities available with these organizations. Each organization will have different needs and requirements. If you are interested in volunteering with any of these organizations then we encourage you to contact the church or the organization for more information.

Whole Way House

Whole Way House is a Vancouver-based charitable society serving vulnerable seniors and veterans who are facing marginalization, disabilities, addiction issues and/or mental health issues at the Veterans Manor in the Downtown Eastside. Their vision is to reach the people in Vancouver’s Downtown EastSide by creating a safe and welcoming environment where they can build meaningful relationships and a community that instills worth, value and dignity.

They believe that when a person feels loved and valued, they are able to find purpose in life and be a part of something greater. WWH offer friendship and support to those who are often lonely, isolated, rejected and forgotten.

For more information or to get invovled go to:

Union Gospel Mission

Coastal Church supports the Union Gospel Mission with financial gifts and by encouraging members to volunteer and assist where needed.

UGM gives hope for the hungry, hurting and homeless in Vancouver by providing regular meals, emergency shelters, chapel services, educational programs, residential alcohol & drug recovery programs, etc. You can volunteer by helping in the kitchen, greeting at the chapel, serving at the drop-in centre, and providing general help. Please note that you will be required to attend a Volunteer Orientation meeting.

For more information please contact Lars at UGM Volunteer Services: 604-215-5442. ext. 340

Vancouver Food Bank

The GVFB Provides food and related assistance to those in need. You can be involved by helping in the warehouse and depots for special events and team building.

The needs of this community are met through 14 food locations, community kitchens, training workshops and close to 100 community agencies located in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and North Vancouver. To this end the GVFB receives, purchases and distributes approximately 4.4 million pounds of food each year.

If applying as a single volunteer please email [email protected]

If applying as a group please email [email protected]