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Thriving in God’s House

You’ll notice that the key to us thriving as Christians and growing in our faith is that we’re planted in God’s house. Of all the environments we find ourselves in during our daily or weekly routine, the healthiest and most nourishing place to be for ourselves and our families is ...
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Experiencing the Freedom of God’s Presence

It was never God’s intent that we who were created in His image would experience slavery, oppression or evil of any kind. It was only after the rebellion and fall of Adam and Eve that sin was introduced into the world and humans began to do evil to each other. ...
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Your Mission – Should You Choose to Accept It

Throughout your Christian life, you will almost always be faced with impossible situations and there will be many voices – and forces – around you telling you to give up. Telling you that it will never happen. For a Christian, facing the impossible just comes with the territory. As a ...
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Where Is The Good In People

When we recognize that our human goodness is limited, we can receive and walk in God’s goodness. His goodness in us will have a far-reaching impact in our lives and the lives of others.
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The Wonderful World of Apologetics

Sometimes the best place to start when exploring the wonderful world of apologetics is with some of our own questions. What are some of the big questions you or your children have? What about some of the loved ones in our lives or our neighbours or coworkers? What questions do ...
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So What Should We Talk About?

It would be an understatement to say that humans are a chatty bunch. We may not get all our steps in or get enough sleep or eat all the right foods, but we definitely talk. On average, each one of us speaks approximately 16,000 words a day , and with ...
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Why We All Need An Interpreter

Whenever you’re reading your Bible, pray first and ask the Holy Spirit to be your Teacher and to give you understanding of what you’re reading. You will notice a marked difference when you recognize your need for the Holy Spirit to give you illumination and when you acknowledge Him as ...
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How to Recognize God’s Signs

Signs are there to help us reach our destination and to prevent our journey from going off course or potentially ending in disaster. In some cases, recognizing signs could be the difference between life and death. It makes sense that God might want to use signs to communicate with us ...
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Becoming A Spiritual Foodie

Is it possible that this explosion of passion for food in our generation is just evidence of a deeper spiritual hunger that’s gone unfulfilled? Might this rampant hunger be a sign that we’re on the verge of a great spiritual food awakening as people discover true fulfillment in Christ? Just ...
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How Far Could God’s Grace Take You?

If you’ve ever felt unsure of your own abilities or how far you can go with your life – look at Paul. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve made too many mistakes, missed too many opportunities and don’t deserve redemption – you must get to know Paul. Or maybe you’ve ...
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Recognizing Divine Opportunity

So what is opportunity? Is it something everyone has? Is it something rare or is there an abundance of it? Is opportunity easy to recognize or hard to spot? If “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, is it possible that opportunity is also in the eyes of those ...
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Alive, But Am I Really Living?

Do you feel like a thief has been robbing from you? That your life could be so much more? You don’t have to wait till Easter to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and to experience His eternal zoe life. He has come to give an abundance of the life we’ve ...
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What Now? Moving Forward in your Spiritual Journey

When we take that first step of faith to follow Jesus and receive Him as our Lord, the Bible says we experience a spiritual birth – we become “born again”. This new birth isn’t physical, it’s spiritual. We come alive and awakened to a whole new world. The power of ...
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How To Find What You’ve Lost

Even if we lose something that’s not considered high value, we still deal with the emotions of frustration or sadness. When we lose something and can’t find it, it sits in the back of our mind as something unresolved. We feel responsible and sometimes horrible about losing it. There’s also ...
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How Are Your Plans Going?

When it comes to your personal life are you a good planner? Do you enjoy making plans? In our family, we run the full spectrum. Some are meticulous planners and organize almost everything well in advance...
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Giving Yourself Permission To Receive

Are you someone who gives to so many others, yet you struggle to receive for yourself? Do you consider receiving help from others a sign of weakness? Maybe you feel uneasy and undeserving of someone else’s care for you. You’re not alone.
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The Prince of Shalom

Like many over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching this season of The Crown recently released on Netflix. These new episodes focus mainly on the life of Charles, Prince of Wales and his marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales. Even though their happily ever after ending was not to ...
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The Need For Peace

I think we all would agree with the original American poet, Walt Whitman, that peace is a wonderful thing and that we need more of it in this world. Yet nothing has proven to be more elusive to us in human history than achieving peace.
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The Pattern of Miracles

One of my favorite books in the Bible right up there with Genesis is the Book of Acts. It’s the beginning of the miracles Jesus promised as God poured His Spirit out on the Day of Pentecost. Along with the birth of the church, we see documented miracles and “acts” ...
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Calming Anxiety in a COVID Season

As each of us have faced significant risks, challenges and uncertainties during this coronavirus pandemic, it’s possible that the biggest impact of this season affecting the greatest number of people may be the toll that COVID-19 has taken on our collective mental health.
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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Cain and Abel are recognized as history’s first ever children born to Adam and Eve. Their sibling rivalry had got the better of them to the point where Cain would do the unthinkable. Rather than having his back, Cain had become so filled with envy and rage toward his brother ...
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Hallowed Be Your Name

For most of us this is not everyday English but to hallow someone is to highly respect and revere them – to recognize the honor of being in their presence. Coming to our Father begins with giving him honor and recognizing his holiness.