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Share The Care

If you have been following the Australian Open Tennis tournament, you probably saw the clip where Jo-Wilfried Tsonga went over and helped one of the ball girls. Apparently the ball girl had been hit in the face but was doing her best to keep her composure despite being injured.

Questions On Fasting

Fasting is a powerful, spiritual weapon when we face challenging situations. In the Bible we read of others such as Queen Esther who fasted when facing the extinction of her people. Her response was to ask her friends to fast with her as she prepared herself to approach the king and intercede for her people. She did this knowing that according to the Persian law of the time this could be cause for her death.

Get Rhythm

We are created for rhythm. Our body functions on rhythm; our heartbeat is a rhythm. Our breathing is a rhythm. Our sleep pattern is a rhythm. If we want to have rhythm in our relationships, the first thing that we have to understand is that we are created for rhythm.