10 Things to Do While Waiting for Destiny

So, what if God has shown you a dream, a calling, or destiny for your life, but years have passed, and nothing has come to fruition?

For every destiny, there’s season of testing and waiting. At that point we often feel as if the dream that God has put in our hearts is far from sight.

I’ve been there. Like Joseph, I longed to find out my ultimate divine destiny.

During the waiting seasons, when nothing made sense, the Holy Spirit comforted me with Psalm 37. I’ve hung on to it ever since. No matter what season I’m at, now I’ve come to realize that faithfulness and destiny go hand in hand.

If you’re disappointed because your dreams are yet to be realized, hang on to His promises in this Psalm of David – God will not forsake you. Psalm 37 gives us the wisdom and encouragement from God, so we can become meek and faithful passing the test like Joseph did.

His promises in this chapter still stand for us:

He will act (v.5).
He will give you the desires of your heart (v.4)
He will exalt you to inherit the land (v.34).
The steps of a man are established by the Lord when he delights in his ways, though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong, for the Lord upholds his hand (23-24).

While in the land-in-between, in the waiting, remain meek and faithful, and you will inherit “the land.” Joseph had tough waiting seasons in which he had to apply faithfulness, while depending on God. He spent few years in Potiphar’s house as a slave, and then several years in prison with no sign of being released. Joseph’s dreams did not come quickly, nor easily, but when it did, he enjoyed it for 69 years. He became second in command in Egypt. However, his true destiny was really to be reunited with his family, safeguarding them from famine, and ultimately saving the nation of Israel. He fulfilled God’s plan.

Based on Psalm 37, here are 10 things you can focus on while waiting for your destiny to unfold and become faithful like Joseph did.

Fret not yourself & be not envious (v.1).
To fret is to worry. Worry is opposite of faith and dwelling in that leads to envy.

Trust in the Lord (v.3).
Have faith in God. He is for you. “Faith cures fretting. Sight is cross-eyed, and views things only as they seem, hence her envy: faith has clearer optics to behold things as they really are, hence her peace” (Charles Spurgeon).

Do good (v.3).
Take every opportunity in front of you to serve God. Make it your focus to bless others. Joseph certainly did. He was faithful and blessed Potiphar with his administration skills. Serving God will take away any discontentment and will lead you to your destiny.

Dwell in the Land (v.3).
Though Joseph dwelled as a slave in a foreign land, he probably dwelled in the promised land in his heart. Whatever season you live in, be present, but focus your heart in His promise.

Cultivate faithfulness (v.3).
In the waiting season, feed on His truth. Read God’s word and cultivate faithfulness, and He will anchor you.

Delight yourself in the lord (v. 4).
Set your affections on Jesus. Praise Him in the circumstances. Switch your focus on Him and be preoccupied with Him. Don’t be consumed with your dream or calling that you forget the One who gave it to you in the first place.

Commit your way to the Lord; Trust Him (v.5).
The word commit here means to roll. Roll your burdens to Him and trust Him, for He cares for you.

Be still before the Lord (v. 7).
Be still, be silent, and know that He is God.

Turn away from evil and do good (27).
Like Joseph keep your integrity and flee from any appearance of evil. Overcome evil with good as this is God’s way.

Wait for the Lord and Keep His way (v.33).
“He is never is before His time. He never is too late.” Wait by faith, in hope, in obedience and service. Don’t give up, and don’t let go of God. He will act and give you the desires of your heart.

Our destiny is found in the waiting season when we delight in Jesus, and we are found in His presence. As you follow His ways, you’ll find that destiny is not the final destination, but it relies in the journey with Him. Wait well, and God will do the rest!