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Coastal Church Online is a community of people all over the world experiencing God and connecting with one another like never before in history. What does that mean? It means you have found a place to encounter God and people who care about you—just as you are, right where you are, anywhere in the world.

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What To Expect

What Is Church Online Like?

Church Online is a safe and welcoming community where you can connect with others. It is a simulated live broadcast, with real-time communication through online chat, which you can choose to join if you want to connect with others watching.

What Is The Format?

Our church online service schedule is available at: Each service will have worship music to begin the service, a weekly message from our senior pastor, and caring volunteers that will pray with you about things that matter in your life. It’s just like attending church at one of our physical locations, except it’s online!

Getting Involved

How can I meet others and get connected?

If you’re living in the Greater Vancouver area, there are many ways to get involved. You can begin by joining a Life Group, a small gathering (between 6 to 12 people) that meets on a regular basis to ‘do life’ together. It is an effective way for everyone to feel personally connected to the church community and to learn and grow our faith in an intimate and supportive environment.

How can I get help?

The Prayer Team accepts requests from every corner of the world, and takes time to offer a prayerful response to the people who need it most. Spend some time and fill out a request, and you’ll see how powerful prayer has no limits.

Prayer Requests Form