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Meet the pastors

Dave & Cheryl Koop

Founding Senior Pastors Dave Koop and his wife Cheryl, met attending bible college. They spent their early years pursuing further education, careers and raising a young family. Even though they were active in their local church and community outreaches, full time ministry wasn’t considered until they experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit, followed by several divine moments where God confirmed His calling. Following much prayer, Dave left a successful career in the oil industry, and eventually, in an act of obedience, pioneered a new church plant in the core of downtown Vancouver, Canada in 1994 with their young family.

This call as a couple has enabled them to share the duties as Senior Pastors in this thriving city church and it’s campuses as well as contributing on other non profit organization boards. David completed his Doctorate in Ministry from Bakke Graduate University in 2010. They are proud parents of 4 grown children, 3 in-laws and 5 beautiful grandchildren.

Pastors Dave & Cheryl Koop

Leads Team

Believers who invest their hearts, time, families, and finances in the building of a local church deserve to have confidence in church leadership. People are looking for leaders who conduct themselves with integrity and respect when making decisions that affect their lives.

The Coastal Church Leads Team is led by the Senior Pastor. This team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church.

Founder, Senior Pastor

David Koop

Founder, Senior Pastor

Cheryl Koop

Pastor of Campus Development

James Fam

Pastor of Leadership Development

Karen Wong

Pastor of Family Life

Chris Karuhije

Director of Central Support

Lorraine Bartel

Matt Koop
Director of Communications

Matthew Koop

HR Manager

Jen Dion

Ministerial Team

Richmond campus pastor

James Fam

Commercial Drive campus pastor

Brad Bergman

Crosstown campus pastor

Fari Maghami

Kevan Dobsin
Pitt meadows campus pastor

Kevan Dobsin

Associate Pastor

Brian Taylor

Children's Pastor

Jessica Chen

Worship Minister

Ale Policar

Coastal Staff

Office Manager

Charlotte Ash

DIrector of operations

Terry Ash

Internship & Missions

Stu Bishop

Internship & Missions

Jacqui Bishop

Leadership Development Assistant

Julianna Bouso

Finance manager

Carmelita Burnett

Social Media Coordinator

Veronica Burnett

Leadership Development admin

Vivian Cheung

Ericsson Chu
Video Production

Ericsson Chu

Small Group Minister

Garret Dekker

Accounts payable

Kristen Dobsin

Accounts receivable

Susan Enchakattu

Facilities Department

Abner Galvan

Crosstown Worship Minister

Jessica Galvan

Video Production

David Karuhije

Freedom Session Minister

Jason Krause

Yussanne Ma
Sr Pastor Assistant

Yussanne Ma

Jr. Graphic Designer

Esmeralda Mejia

Keith Nath
Student Ministries

Keith Nath

Preschool instructor

Elsa Oakley

A/V Production Manager

Heath Parnell

Reception & Media

Katie Riedstra

A/v production

Austin Robinson

Pre-school director & instructor

Beth Stevens

family life administrator

Jaylene Treadway

Preschool admin & instructor

Jeany Tudio

Facilities department

Josh Watkins

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