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Freedom Session

About Freedom Session

Freedom Session is a 28 week journey leading us to face the truth about ourselves, our lives and the destructive relational patterns we use to protect our hearts. With our user-friendly Participants Guide, we learn to step out of denial and face reality. With the support of others walking the same journey, we take the practical steps necessary to break free and find lasting healing. Session meetings begin with a practical large group teaching and then separates into gender specific small groups to discuss what was taught at a deeper level. During each week, participants complete an “On Your Own” homework assignment to further apply what they’re learning.

Getting Started

Freedom Session is an effective, Christ-centered 12 Step healing-discipleship ministry that will lead you on a journey towards the freedom and healing you’ve always hoped was possible. While many people refer to Freedom Session as a Christian recovery program, it goes much deeper than recovery – our goal is HEALING and we are convinced this is God’s desire for your life as well.

Starting September 19th (Downtown)
Every Wednesday @ 7:00 PM
Starting September 20th (Pitt Meadows)
Every Thursday @ 7:00 PM

Who Is It For?

Freedom Session is effective for people from every walk of life, every economic level and virtually every possible area of woundedness. We have seen thousands of people set free from chemical and sexual addiction, sexual and physical abuse,  victimization, codependency issues, perfectionism, the scars of divorce, betrayal, abortion trauma, homosexuality, anger issues, gambling, eating disorders, frozen emotions and just plain old hurts. There’s a good chance Freedom Session is for you!

If you can relate to any of these issues or love someone struggling in these areas, we invite you to spend a few minutes perusing our site and find the courage to Start Your own FS Journey. Life is simply too short to be lived out while enslaved to our past hurts and unhealthy habits.