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About Life Groups

A Life Group is a small gathering (between 6 to 12 people) that meets on a regular basis to ‘do life’ together. It is an effective way for everyone to feel personally connected to the church community and to learn and grow our faith in an intimate and supportive environment. Each group is unique but a typical meeting lasts approximately 90 minutes and will include the following:

WELCOME (15 – 20 minutes)

Person to person. A time to meet new people and interact. Snacks and refreshments are often served at this time.

WORSHIP (10 minutes)

Us to God. A time of singing, reading a passage from the Bible that praises God or taking time as a group to thank God for His help in the past week.

WORD (30 – 40 minutes)

God to us. This is NOT the group leader teaching or preaching to the group. It is a time where we read the Bible together and everyone shares their thoughts or asks questions. The group leader facilitates this discussion time and keeps it on track and on time.

WORK (15 – 20 minutes)

God through us. This is a time where we share our prayer requests and pray for each other. It is also a time of sharing the vision for upcoming events, needs in the group, and any changes to the group.

Join A Life Group

If you are interested in joining a group, please speak to a member of our Connect Team following each of the weekend services, or visit our online directory. You can review your preferences for meeting location and time, and request to join a group. Most of the groups meet in homes which are located all over the Lower Mainland so there is usually one that is close to you!

Benefits of Life Group

Most people who have been a part of a group say the greatest benefit is the close relationships and friendships that develop. They will frequently telephone each other during the week to share an urgent prayer request or an exciting answer. You’ll discover that your needs and problems are not unique ~ we’re all in the same boat. It helps to know that others are facing the same difficulties, or have lived through them and learned spiritual principles in the process.

Life Group Story

Watch other share their experience of being in a Coastal Church Life Group.