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Going Deeper: End Times

Throughout history, God has moved in a supernatural way to bring salvation and redemption to mankind. As we look to the future, we can expect God’s plan to continue to unfold. Certainly, there are many indicators that we are in the last days, but how do we interpret these signs in an accurate and meaningful way?

Join Pastor Dave Koop and guest Carl-Gustav Severin for a 3-part Going Deeper series about the end times. They will be discussing what should we know about the last days, and what, if anything, should we do to live out our faith in the midst of turbulent times.

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Parenting Course

In this 4 week parenting course you will cover the following sessions: Building a solid family foundation, Training parents to understand their children, Training children in limitations and boundaries, and Training children in life skills. Each week is packed with practical wisdom that is backed up by God’s Word. Each session has been written by Pastors Dave and Cheryl, and carries their personal advice as they share parts of their parenting journey.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Today the world has a great hunger for the supernatural. God has empowered the church with the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, yet many in the church today are unaware of them or unsure of how they operate. These gifts of the Holy Spirit are not meant to be optional for our Christian living. Rather, they are a necessity for living out the purposes and plans of God.