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If you’re having trouble watching our live stream, we have some suggestions to help troubleshoot common issues.
What if the video has no or low volume?

Your volume levels are determined by the settings your on device and by the default volume levels of our video player. On some devices the volume will start muted, with an overlay asking you to “click to unmute”. For other viewers, you can hover over the video and click on the bottom right corner of the screen to adjust the levels in the volume bar. Please refer to the images below.

On some mobile devices the volume will start muted by default. Simply tap on the video screen to unmute the audio.

What if the video has trouble playing?

Many factors can influence video playback, including some that pertain to your computer or device. If you’re not getting the best live viewing experience, you might want to try these simple fixes.

1. refresh and restart

The first step in resolving technical issues is to refresh your browser. If refresh does not resolve the issue try restarting your device.


Auto mode automatically adjusts to the best quality of video for your current Internet connection and processing speed. We recommend using this default setting to avoid buffering delays.

The video player can be switched manually to a lower resolution by clicking on the cog wheel ⚙️ icon button when hovering (or pressing) the video. This will open up a menu that allows you to select a lower quality. There are 3 video options available: 1080p (full HD), 486p and 144p. We recommend viewing on the lowest video quality setting if your internet speed is slow or unstable.

3. update your applications

Browser software is constantly being improved upon. Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser for peak performance. The latest version of each browser can be found here

4. Check internet sPeed and bandwidth

The quality of your playback experience is largely dependent on how your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or mobile provider connects to our video servers. Keep in mind that your overall Internet speed can vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to: time of day, other devices/ users utilizing your connection, and the strength of the signal provided by your ISP.

We require network speeds of 500 kbps or higher in order to stream our lowest playback quality (144p). You can use this speed test to get a general sense of your Internet speed during the time of the issue. Keep in mind that bandwidth can fluctuate, especially on Wifi or cellular networks.

5. Restart Your modem and router

Resetting your router or modem can help to refresh your connection and improve playback performance. Try disconnecting the power cord and then reconnecting to perform a hard reboot.

6. Clear your browser’s cache

Although this may sound simple, refreshing your cache can help with many different issues, including playback. Learn more here

7. Close excess browser tabs or applications

Keeping too many applications open can make everything run slower, including video playback. Especially on a mobile device, it’s easy to forget which apps are running. Make sure that you completely close or disable apps instead of just minimizing their windows.

Can I watch using my Apple TV or Chromecast?

Yes! However, we recommend streaming from the church online website through a browser (such as Safari or Chrome) instead of from the Coastal Church app. If you notice problems with the streaming quality or video playback, please check for wifi and/or bluetooth interference by clicking on the following guide:

Apple TV Airplay Guide
Chromecast Help Forum

What are the supported devices for watching church online?

Church online videos will play on most major operating systems and devices. However, we strongly recommend updating your software and devices for optimal playback performance. Viewers will notice playback errors if they are watching on an older device with an outdated operating system (such as Windows XP).

Supported environments include:

  • Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera
  • Mobile devices- iOS and Android (includes the Coastal Church app and mobile browsers)
  • TV: Apple TV (4th generation or newer) and Chromecast.

Unsupported devices may include:

How do I troubleshoot video error messages?

If at any point you experience an error message in the video player while watching church online, please respond using one of the solutions provided below:

“Unsupported viewing environment: Your system is having trouble playing this video”

If you’re seeing this error consistently, your system or browser may not support playback in the video player. To start, double check the following:

  • The latest version of your browser is installed
  • Your system can decode H.264 video

Windows 10 users: There are versions of Windows 10 that do not come with codecs pre-installed. Try downloading the media packages found here:

“Network error: A network hiccup interrupted playback. Please reload the player and try again.”

If you are seeing this error, your browser or computer has lost connection to our player. If reloading the player doesn’t immediately resolve the issue, check your network connection to make sure it’s up and running. If the error persists, try temporarily disabling any active browser extensions, firewalls, or proxies that may be preventing a successful connection to Coastal Church Online.

“Browser error: Your browser is having trouble with this video file.”

This error can appear when your browser fails to fetch media for reasons that are usually unknown. Not to worry– a quick refresh of the player (or web page containing the player) should immediately fix the problem.

“Playback error: We’re having trouble playing this video.”

If you are seeing this error, it’s likely that you are viewing your video in a browser tab or window that’s been left idle for an extended period of time. A quick refresh of the player or your browser should clear the error.

“Player error: The player is having trouble”

If this error appears, we are currently investigating a problem on our side. Please contact [email protected] ASAP if you continue to see this error.

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