24/7 Prayer

One week of corporate prayer

A Week of Prayer

From Saturday, December 2nd to Saturday, December 9th

During this Christmas season, we are committed to praying for the release of God’s purpose in our city, our nation and across the world. Throughout church history, supernatural breakthroughs have coincided when believers responded to a call for dedicated prayer. God is calling us to such a time, as for one week we have people praying around the clock.

If you would like to stand with us in prayer, it’s simple to get started. Simply Click Here to sign-up for a 30 minute time slot. It takes less than one minute to complete the short form. Once you’re finished selecting your time, you’ll be added to our Prayer Calendar.

woman reading bible

What are we praying for?

  • For the components of the Christmas Grand Service
  • For the individuals attending Christmas events and salvation
  • For Christmas outreach:
    • Prison Gifts
    • Eden hampers
    • Dinner with the father
  • For church family, in their health, homes, schools, work place and community.
  • For peace & unity, in our city as well as nations experiencing war.

Prayer Update: June 2nd

In Psalm 122:1, David writes, I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.” We too, are glad and thankful for a new season in our church.

Over the past year we been looking forward to the time when we could meet again and worship in person with others following the pandemic. We are now at a place we can start coming back to our various locations to meet in person. Today please join us in prayer for each of the locations that are opening, for the staffing and volunteers that are serving, for each service to be filled with people returning a rich sense of God’s presence.