Be Safe. Be Calm. Be Refreshed.

Amongst the sorrow experienced with the worldwide pandemic, there has also been a calm of sorts.  Plans are simplified. Parents have risen to a new level.  And prayer has been more purposeful.

It reminds me of the unbelievable Vancouver snowfall of ‘96.  It paralyzed the city and lower mainland during the last couple of days of the year, and although there were inconveniences and stranded travellers, it also became a winter wonderland for families with children still home during their Christmas break.  We were one of them and our 4 kids were elated.  We were now isolated and the ideas started coming.  Snowmen, snow angels, igloo building and endless indoor games. And on our minds? A driveway the size of a mini parking lot that would need hours of slow snow removal to get our car out of the garage in order to pick up my parents from the airport the following day. IF their flight was still scheduled. And IF the main roads would be ploughed by then.  Then there was the task of contacting all the church members of our newly founded church of 2 years, to ensure they all knew that the service was cancelled that Sunday. The hotel we met in had already called to inform us that no staff would be there, and the conference rooms would be closed.

The balance between what needed to be done and to see the world through the eyes of children stretched us. And during the spring of 2020, it has stretched us again.

While our children quickly saw the serenity and fun of the winter wonderland calling their names, we were calling other names. Literally. But really, what God was giving us the opportunity to experience was the joy of calm, in the midst of circumstances.  Psalm 23: 2-3 says it so well. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul.

So, I’m taking inventory of this season and choose to experience today’s circumstances as most children would see it.  The safety of home, family and church.  Be safe. Be Calm. And play a game.