What is EDEN?

Eden Team brings transformation to Vancouver's Downtown Eastside community - from the inside out.

Eden teams make their homes in deprived neighbourhoods, sharing their lives and the gospel.

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Aspiration and achievement grow as people become disciples of Jesus.

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The culture shifts as leaders are raised and communities are changed for good.

You can make a difference!

Eden is an urban missions strategy run under the leadership of Coastal Church to help reach those hurting in our community

Sacrifice, Gospel, Community.

Joining Eden means choosing to invest your life serving Jesus in underprivileged places, like Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Though it comes with a great cost, there is great joy found in being a community on mission together.

Thank you for prayerfully supporting our team!


You can support the work of Eden by making a one-time or recurring donation. Funds go towards DTES programs and the Eden Cafe – which provides employment opportunities for marginalized individuals, and those needing a second chance.

Click the button below to get started. Choose the “Eden Missions” designation from the drop down menu.

We are rooted in local church
Rooted in Coastal Church we seek to positively impact our community by the consistent witness of our presence and our proclamation. We desire to be a blessing to, and enjoy fellowship with the whole body of Christ. Our vision is to make our city a better place.
We focus on the toughest neighbourhoods
We choose Downtown Eastside (DTES) which is widely recognized as suffering from multiple deprivations, such as: severe addiction and Mental illness, poor health, low educational achievement, neglected environments, broken families and few opportunities for young people.
As a team of people we make our homes in the heart of the community
We sense a strong calling to live an incarnational lifestyle of integrating with the DTES community. We have decided to join together in a missional team dynamic and make ourselves available long-term for the benefit of our community.
Our first priority is given to reaching youth to see their full potential unlocked
We see young people as a key part of the transformation of the whole neighbourhood. Our goal is to help them to achieve all their God-given potential, introducing them to Jesus by creating repeated and varied opportunities for them to hear, experience and respond to the gospel.
We belong to a wider relational network
As teams called to a variety of locations (across England, South Africa, Germany and our DTES team in Canada) we recognize the need to make time to periodically share our stories and experiences, work through issues and challenges, and offer support and encouragement to one another.

Join Eden DTES

If God is calling you to join Eden, we’ll ask you to complete a short application form & attend an interview with the church and Eden leadership team. Our priority is to find a healthy fit where we can be confident you will face challenges and grow.

Pray for Eden

By committing to pray for the Eden Downtown Eastside team, you are playing a huge role in supporting and lifting up our team. Your prayers mean so much to our team, and we love to hear from those who are standing with us in prayer!