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Year-End Highlight Video

On December 1, 2019 our church will gather together for a Christmas celebration and reflect on the amazing things God has done in 2019. One of the program highlights of our Gala Banquet has always been the year-in-review recap video. This year, we want you to be a part of it!

We’re asking our life groups to submit a video introducing their group and sharing a short highlight from the year. These videos will be compiled and shared during our Christmas Gala banquet. If you’re ready to participate with your group, please see the instructions below.

Video Instructions:

We recommend setting up a video camera, DSLR or cell phone in a place that can capture your group. If you can’t setup an auto-timer, please designate one person to be the videographer.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. What do you love the most about your Life Group?
  2. What do you appreciate the most about your LG Leader(s)?

Here are some suggestions and things to consider before filming your group:

  • Try to include your entire group in the video frame. We want to see everyone!
  • Try to make sure the room is well lit, and everyone is facing the camera.
  • Choose a spokesperson from your group who can speak on your behalf to the camera. Please speak loudly if you’re farther from the camera microphone.
  • Try to keep the video & highlight concise (20-30 seconds). Remember, we have a lot of life groups we want to hear from 🙂
How do I share the video?

There are a couple of ways you can upload the video for our team to download. Please email all videos or download instructions to David: [email protected]

  • Have one person upload the video to a cloud storage location such as Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Once the video is uploaded please email our team a URL to download the video file.
  • Email the video link directly to our team (using the email address above) from your phone. However, the first method is preferred to ensure the highest quality video can be downloaded.