Hearing God’s Whispers

“If it’s from God, it will only get stronger.”

And with those words we ended our conversation in a coffee shop in the late Fall of 2007. Within a few weeks, I tendered my resignation from an engineering profession that I have enjoyed and excelled in for the past eight years to commit myself fully into ministerial vocation. The offer to take on a ministry position at Coastal Church was offered by Pastor Dave, but the CALL to embrace a life of ministry had begun as a whisper from God over a decade before that.

Shortly after giving my life to Christ in the first year at UBC, I had already known that engineering would not span my entire working career. Nevertheless, the “whisper” said to finish my degree and I did so, while making every opportunity to serve in campus ministry. Upon graduation, I considered raising support to be a campus minister, but the “whisper” said to find an engineering job. I did so, while making every opportunity to serve in local church ministry.

Many “whispers” came through individuals who imparted into my life both spiritually and professionally, including a number of engineering managers who were devout Christians. After an eight-year career in every level of public government, with a Master of Engineering degree in hand and Professional Engineer designation on my business card, another “whisper” came to let all of that go.

“If it’s from God, it will only get stronger.”

A decade after that conversation with Pastor Dave, I am reminded again of those words of encouragement that he left me. Words that I continue to pass on to others as they sought my advice in their own decision-making. Words that I speak to young leaders as I help them to map out their own spiritual journey.

None of it will matter if we are not called. None of it will matter if GOD has not been the One that called. There is a God who cares for you and He wants to lead and guide you!

“I will instruct you (says the Lord) and guide you along the best pathway for your life; I will advise you and watch your progress.” Ps 32:8 (TLB)

The CALLING has never been stronger as it is now. My hope is that you will continue to hear those gentle whispers from God. The God that you owe everything to and the purpose that you are setting yourselves apart to serve. May you hear His whispers and be bold to respond!

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