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Discovering the Power of Waiting

Today, you are likely still waiting for something in your life. You may feel stuck. You may want to fast forward this part of your life to get to the next chapter. But your time doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be wasted in the waiting. God gives us the opportunity to grow and to prepare for all that He has for us during these times.

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Experiencing the Freedom of God’s Presence

It was never God’s intent that we who were created in His image would experience slavery, oppression or evil of any kind. It was only after the rebellion and fall of Adam and Eve that sin was introduced into the world and humans began to do evil to each other.

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How to Develop a Habit of Worship

We often talk about developing a daily habit of prayer and reading God’s Word. There are bible apps with step-by-step devotionals, podcasts, sermons, and tools to help us study the scriptures. But what about worship? How do we practically incorporate worship into our busy schedules and develop a habit of worship?

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God can use you to make a difference.

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Responding to the call God has for your life.

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