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Woman writing prayer request into journal
Pastors Blog
Pastor Fari Maghami

Ask Anything in My Name

As we pursue Christ and continue His mission in the world by sharing the gospel, letting our light shine before people, loving our neighbours, and extending forgiveness to our enemies, we can ask Jesus for whatever we need and He will give it to us. God has promised His children, “Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it.” The condition in this text for this promise is “Ask in my Name!”

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Man standing in the forest
Pastors Blog
Pastor Chris Karuhije

Three Ways Fasting Impacts your Call

One of the areas that fasting has an impact in is in our purpose and call. In great men and women such as Esther, Daniel, Paul and even Jesus, we see how their destiny took off after time spent in prayer and fasting. Whether you are still discovering God’s call for your life or already living it but in need of breakthrough, fasting is a powerful catalyst to get you there. So, let me share with you three ways fasting can launch you into new realms of your destiny.

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Breakthrough Movie
Pastors Blog
Pastor James Fam

Believing for Breakthrough

In January 2015, 14-year-old John Smith fell through the frozen surface of a lake in St. Charles, Mo., and remained submerged for 15 minutes. He had no pulse when emergency workers pulled him from the freezing water, it was reportedly only after audible prayers by his mother, Joyce, that his heart finally started up again. And over the next several days

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Mountain Range
Pastors Blog
Pastor Kevan Dobsin

Hallowed Be Your Name

For most of us this is not everyday English but to hallow someone is to highly respect and revere them – to recognize the honor of being in their presence. Coming to our Father begins with giving him honor and recognizing his holiness.

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