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The Boundless Power and Reach of God

In the Book of Acts, chapter 12, we find a great example of the effectiveness and power of prayer. This chapter encapsulates profound truths about the nature of prayer, the strength of community, and the supremacy of God.

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Teaching Children To Flourish In A “New Canada”  

Recently I have been asked by parents for suggestions on how to raise their children in our “New Canada”. What do they mean? They’re referring to the secularization of a nation that was once called Christian. When a nation moves away from having God above country, the country inadvertently takes the role of God.

This isn’t something new. Parents throughout history have wrestled with similar issues. As the world heads into uncharted territory with the advancement of technology and an increasing ideological divide, this is not a surprise to God. He has demonstrated His guidance for families, and in families, throughout history.

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How do we encourage others on their mission for Jesus?

How do we encourage others on their mission for Jesus? We can follow the example of Barnabas: we do this by seeing them as Jesus sees them, by pointing them to Jesus, and by looking for ways to go together! Fulfilling the Great Commission was never meant to be solo work, after all, when we come to Christ, He doesn’t just call us to Himself, but He also calls us to His body, the church! In a world where so many things can distract and discourage us from going and doing the Great Commission that Jesus has for us, we must make every effort to encourage each other on our journey through life until Christ returns or calls us home.

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