15 Tips For Speaking In Public

1. Find out who your audience is and study how to make the subject you are presenting relevant.

2. Know precisely where you want to take your audience and prepare your talk that they can follow you. Practice giving your talk in the mirror or with a trusted friend and evaluate if your talk accomplishes this.

3. You must completely lose yourself in the truth you are speaking about. If it only comes out of your head, and not your heart, you will only touch the intellect of the audience and not their heart.

4. You must keep your mind on the one big thing you are presenting to the people. Remove any distractions to this prior to speaking. Do not let anything or anyone steal control of your mind before or during your talk.

5. Avoid cramming, do your heavy prep well in advance so you are more relaxed before speaking.

6. Do not let friction from your home or the workplace interfere. Try not to think about family or business matters for at least one hour before your presentation.

7. Go to the location of your talk early so you can prepare your mind and be as relaxed as possible in the setting. If possible check the lighting, sound and last minute expectations.

8. Be careful in mingling with the crowd prior to speaking, as the people will bring the urgent to your attention. This can potentially arrest your thought pattern.

9. Do not read email, social media or other notes just before speaking. If need be, turn your phone off to avoid having your attention diverted.

10. Avoid having a ritual that depends on others before speaking.

11. Avoid eating just before speaking.

12. Choose a last thought just before you speak. It should be a secret thought that you don’t share with your audience. This thought should inspire you and give you confidence.

13. Avoid judging or finding fault with the host, venue or audience prior to speaking. This negative thinking will leak through in your talk.

14. Love the people and reflect on what you are thankful for. This will put a genuine smile on your face.

15. Speak with a warm heart. Use warm words, experiences that touch your heart, mention names that are precious to you, look at places or people in the room that encourage you, think of the effort the people made to come hear you and think of the difference the truth you are presenting can make.