Jacqui Bishop

Why We Give Thanks

There is plenty to give thanks for – over a year every human has thought about a lot, experienced a vast array of emotions and achieved much. I’m so glad there are Thanksgivings, where we honor that reverie to look back and acknowledge all that has occurred. The most poignant Thanksgiving meals have been the ones where our challenges, heartbreaks and disappointments are right there in the middle of it all. When we pause to reflect on gratitude in that moment, things tend to become crystal clear. When the budget is tight, we’re thankful that God has provided. When we’re facing the first holiday with someone missing, we’re thankful for the loved ones who are present. When something didn’t turn out the way we thought, we can thank God for hope in the future.

4 Verses to Help You Share Your Faith

While it is true that you can’t earn salvation, some believe God’s gift costs them nothing. Others mistakenly believe that practicing religious rituals or doing good deeds is what God requires. Both extremes miss the way to receive God’s free gift. A heart that believes He is alive will know that is how we can go on living this life on earth and be with Him in heaven. And how good is this full circle moment? Romans 10:13-14 reminds us that when we call on the name of Jesus, we get to tell others!

Enduring Your Heartbreak Hill

We can know that God will provide will be a place of refreshment in the face of our biggest challenges in life. Maybe a worship song will come to you, or a friend will send you a Bible verse. Refreshment often comes in times of fellowship at church or when your Life Group prays for you – but these places are not parking lots. Can you imagine a runner sitting down and taking a nap at a water station? They keep running! There is a goal ahead and they don’t lose sight of that in the middle of a hill.