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How to Overcome Spiritual ‘Range Anxiety’?

The six covenants in the Bible demonstrate God’s unwavering commitment to humanity. They reveal His desire for a loving relationship with His creation and His plan for redemption and salvation. Each covenant builds upon the previous ones, ultimately leading to the New Covenant in Jesus Christ, which offers the gift of eternal life and reconciliation with God.

In the end, the only way you can overcome your spiritual range anxiety is to test drive your faith. As you step into a new season of uncertainty, may these covenants remind you of God’s faithfulness and love throughout the history of faith, inspiring you to trust in His promises and live in obedience to His will.

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Four Things Our Church Should Still Focus On

There is the adage that “change is the only constant” and most of us would agree that the past few years have been exceptionally turbulent. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many organizations and companies have had to shift the way they do business in order to survive the change. At Coastal Church, there are Four Main Things that we focus on, that remain consistent through seasons of change.

Timeless Wisdom for the Church (from Titus)

As Coastal Church embraces these timeless principles and applies them to the life and ministry, we can fulfill our God-given purpose to effectively impact our city and the world for the glory of God. Let us, therefore, heed the words of Paul to Titus and strive to build and strengthen our churches in accordance with the biblical principles outlined in this remarkable epistle – always under the guise of the Holy Spirit’s power!

Playing by the Mercy Rule

Those that have participated in youth sports like baseball and football may be familiar with the mercy rule, where a game or contest is declared over if one team is ahead by a large margin in score or points. God intended the mercy rule to be in effect in our everyday lives as well. Being Christlike requires those with means to show mercy towards others that are in need or have suffered loss. The challenge often comes when we do not feel like being in a “winning” position to show sportsmanship, whether in our deeds or attitude. Why should I be merciful when others have not been merciful to me?

Leadership Lessons from Undercover Boss

Some of you may be familiar with the reality TV show “Undercover Boss” where each episode features a top executive of a large company posing as a trainee or recruit to experience working at the ground level. The show usually concludes with the boss having a greater appreciation for the employees and the workers’ improved morale because of the validation. As a student of leadership styles and principles, I have always gleaned great lessons from the various stories to apply both personally, as well as within the ministry context of the church.

Keys to Maintaining Christian Unity

We learn from the OT that Israel experienced 120 years of unity before splitting into the Northern and Southern kingdom under the reign of Solomon’s son, Rehoboam. King Rehoboam had the opportunity to build and strengthen the community, but he chose to exert his power instead and this ‘family feud’ led to 430 years of ongoing conflict between the people of Israel.

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3 Keys to Become a Better Leader

When it comes to studying leadership from Biblical characters, Moses certainly stood out as one of the great leaders given his monumental task of leading a large group of Israelites out of Egypt. As incredible as his feat of escaping an army of Egyptian chariots was, what was even more overwhelming for Moses was the tedious task of managing a group of hungry and disgruntled people wandering in the desert wilderness.