Abner Galvan

How to Finish Strong in the Race of Faith

In the Book of Hebrews, Paul compares our faith walk with a race, and our preparation to “run the race” like that of an athlete. In the series “The Pilgrim’s Progress” we similarly can see that our journey as pilgrims, like Paul says, is like race – there can be obstacles, it may have its ups and its downs. There are moments where there are mountain tops where we can find rest and there are also valleys, hard and difficult processes where our faith is tested. The pilgrim’s progress is a process! But as our main character Christian shows us, there are ways to stand in faith and in our trust in God to finish strong.

Finding the Road

Much like Christian in Pilgrims Progress, we too are pilgrims heading toward a Celestial City. On our way there, there will be valleys and mountains, but in every step, God will remain faithful and provide us with what we need to return to the road and enter through the narrow gate.