The Things We Must Do

We love Him because He first loved us – John 4:19. In this loving relationship we have to accept that one of the important words in the Bible is a two lettered word: DO. As children of God we have to obey, serve, we have to “do” and get things in the right order as we do them.

Hearing God’s Voice

One of the greatest hungers in the heart of mankind is to hear the voice of God. There is in every person a desire to commune with God, we are created that way. In these last days the Bible tells us that there will be many voices deceiving even the most faithful.

Four Things You Must Know About Purpose Before You Will Discover It

Before you can find your purpose in life and live it out, you must first understand the principles of purpose. Oxford Dictionary defines “purpose” as, “The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.” Purpose is the predetermined use for which something or someone was designed.