Pastor Karen Kepkay

Running Out of Fuel

“Fuel Low” sign is on. Seeing this in my car dashboard, the thought on my mind is – how did I manage to do this again?! Whether is letting my car run until the gas tank is nearly empty, or use my laptop even with 5% battery left, I have a tendency of using everything until it reaches its limits. My disposition to give or use everything I got, without re-fueling or re-charging, is something that I’m working to change by the grace of God. The same grace that fuels me to do good works is the same grace I need to be filled again. A purpose-driven life is worth living only when we depend on the One who empowers us with His grace. 

Search and Rescue

I really don’t remember how old I was, maybe 7 years old, but I do remember vividly the feeling of desperation after I had woken up to a lonely apartment on a tropical day. It was a habit for my mom or my dad to wake me up, during off-school season, to take me with him or her, to either restaurants they ran (our family owned 2). That particular day, they did not communicate to each other who would take me early in the morning, and both assumed the other brought me to their respective workplace.

Wouldn’t You Agree?

Just in a month, my sister is getting married, and our family is “all hands on deck” to make that day special for her and her fiancé! From the tiny decoration details, to ceremony timeline, it has been encouraging to see my sister and fiancé, and respective families being in agreement on important matters as they tie the knot. Without such intentional agreement, no decision would be made for the day, and for those of us helping, we wouldn’t be able to act on their behalf to get things done.

Jesus in My Circle

“How do you do it? How do you manage to oversee leadership development at church, while finding time to work at your family’s coffee shop, spend time with family, and remain content and not go crazy?”These are some of the the questions I get asked lately. Looking outside in, I suppose it’s a common question for us pastors and leaders.