Pastor Karen Wong

Pastor Karen Wong
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Fixer Upper

While exploring a nice neighbourhood last week, I noticed a house with a run-down façade, and big nailed plywood sheets covering the windows. Its garden was fenced and unkept, and of course it was not inhabited. I wasn’t sure if the house was deemed condemned or was being prepared to be torn down. Then I wondered about the fate of this property. Would it be destroyed to build something new or would it be bought by someone to restore it?

Running Out of Fuel

“Fuel Low” sign is on. Seeing this in my car dashboard, the thought on my mind is – how did I manage to do this again?! Whether is letting my car run until the gas tank is nearly empty, or use my laptop even with 5% battery left, I have a tendency of using everything until it reaches its limits. My disposition to give or use everything I got, without re-fueling or re-charging, is something that I’m working to change by the grace of God. The same grace that fuels me to do good works is the same grace I need to be filled again. A purpose-driven life is worth living only when we depend on the One who empowers us with His grace.