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The Small Things – A Blog Post by Pastor Cheryl Koop

It seemed so insignificant.  As parents of 2 preschoolers, along with a baby who just celebrated her first birthday, we were involved in a new church plant without a program for children.  What did I know about starting a Kids Ministry for our church?  Sure, I had a few years of Bible College training but more than that, I trusted God’s Word was true and powerful enough to bring life to every age.  So I said yes.  Yes, I’ll serve You, Jesus, by serving the children with all my heart, soul and might.

A Healthy Pursuit by Pastor Cheryl Koop

A healthy pursuit is when someone has your best interests in mind.  While in bible school during my late teens, I was involved in a women’s singing group that ministered in various local churches on the weekends, as well as travelling on a 10-day road trip ministering to churches in northern BC.  I had just begun dating Dave prior to this trip commitment and was wrestling with the thoughts of him losing interest in our newly formed relationship while I was away.

Extend Your Career with Self-Discipline

The prophet Daniel’s career took him to a powerful position as an assistant to several kings in Persia. He had the opportunity to live with all the created luxuries of the day. Yet, despite the lavish lifestyle he could have enjoyed, he chose to live a disciplined life of restraint, which was the key to his successful career.