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The Small Things – A Blog Post by Pastor Cheryl Koop

It seemed so insignificant.  As parents of 2 preschoolers, along with a baby who just celebrated her first birthday, we were involved in a new church plant without a program for children.  What did I know about starting a Kids Ministry for our church?  Sure, I had a few years of Bible College training but more than that, I trusted God’s Word was true and powerful enough to bring life to every age.  So I said yes.  Yes, I’ll serve You, Jesus, by serving the children with all my heart, soul and might.

A Healthy Pursuit by Pastor Cheryl Koop

A healthy pursuit is when someone has your best interests in mind.  While in bible school during my late teens, I was involved in a women’s singing group that ministered in various local churches on the weekends, as well as travelling on a 10-day road trip ministering to churches in northern BC.  I had just begun dating Dave prior to this trip commitment and was wrestling with the thoughts of him losing interest in our newly formed relationship while I was away.