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How To Find What You’ve Lost

Even if we lose something that’s not considered high value, we still deal with the emotions of frustration or sadness. When we lose something and can’t find it, it sits in the back of our mind as something unresolved. We feel responsible and sometimes horrible about losing it. There’s also a sense of frustration about the time we’ve taken up trying to find the item or the expense of having to replace it. It’s painful to think about.

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The Prince of Shalom

Like many over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching this season of The Crown recently released on Netflix. These new episodes focus mainly on the life of Charles, Prince of Wales and his marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales. Even though their happily ever after ending was not to be, the life of Prince Charles continues to capture the world’s interest and fascination as it has since his birth over 70 years ago.

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Biblical Hope: Better Than Wishing Upon a Star

Many cultures have the tradition of making birthday wishes before blowing out candles on the cake. It is also not unusual to find coins of every currency at the bottom of water fountains, thrown in with the hope of better fortune. From wishing wells to genies in a lamp, tales of worldly wishes coming to pass are all too common in children’s stories.

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When All Hope Seems Lost

A few years back my family and I went white water rafting together as part of our family vacation. We figured it would be a great opportunity for team building and family bonding – and it certainly was! Thankfully we had a guide to navigate and direct us on the boat. When the waters seemed calm, some of us took turns sitting at the front tip of the boat at the guide’s instruction. To be honest, I didn’t want to go, but after much encouragement, I decided to go for it. As I sat and held onto a rope between my legs, I thought to myself, I’m definitely secure for whatever happens next. 

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Your Focus Matters

You need to think about…. what you think about. In order to access this power, we need to change our focus. Paul gives us a helpful guide on the type of thinking that pleases God.

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Fixer Upper

While exploring a nice neighbourhood last week, I noticed a house with a run-down façade, and big nailed plywood sheets covering the windows. Its garden was fenced and unkept, and of course it was not inhabited. I wasn’t sure if the house was deemed condemned or was being prepared to be torn down. Then I wondered about the fate of this property. Would it be destroyed to build something new or would it be bought by someone to restore it?

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God’s Self-Control

We see God’s self-control at the cross, where our lord Jesus died for us. Romans 8:32 – “He who did not spare His own Son but delivered Him up for us.”

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Strength Under Control

When the fruit of gentleness or meekness is on display it is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of bridled strength. Meekness is produced by God living in us, but it requires our conscious choice and cooperation with His Spirit. We can choose to remain gentle or not. It is power and courage under control, linked with kindness.

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The Addictive Quality of Kindness

When we talk about addictions, most people will look at it from a negative standpoint. But what if you could be addicted to something positive? In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul describes a certain group of people who had an addiction. But it was not to alcohol, drugs or gambling that they were addicted to. Their addiction was giving: “I beseech you, brethren, (ye know the house of Stephanas, that it is the firstfruits of Achaia, and that they have addicted themselves to nthe ministry of the saints,)” (1 Corinthians 16:15).

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Do Good Things Really Come to Those Who Wait?

Instant gratification has robbed everyone of patience and the advancement of technology has been a big culprit. Think about it, most innovations are developed to save us time, but we still seem to have less and less of it now than ever before. Why is that?

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The Need For Peace

I think we all would agree with the original American poet, Walt Whitman, that peace is a wonderful thing and that we need more of it in this world. Yet nothing has proven to be more elusive to us in human history than achieving peace.

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A Moment of Joy

Joy comes when we experience the goodness of God in the midst of circumstances. The Psalmist reminds us that believing in His goodness and presence are the antidote of despair.

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Love Is Putting Others First

Love is a very common word we use in the English language today. It’s the topic of many songs and it’s the highest aim that the world longs for. We love chocolate, we love fries, we love hiking, we love our dogs, we love our family, we love the colour blue, we love… but what does love really mean and how does God want us to understand this important word in our lives?

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The Storm: God is with you, and He’s not nervous.

It seems like there have been a lot of storms in the past few months. It can all seem so overwhelming, which often leads to anxiety and worry. In my experience though, anxiety and worry are never actually helpful. In fact, they inevitably make everything worse.

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All of Life as Worship

What does it mean to worship God? For many Christians the term worship is related to the time spent at church making music and singing songs directed to God in praise.

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Visions or Dreams

The Bible has many accounts of those who received a heavenly dream or vision. This is an encouragement to us as we can reflect on how God speaks and the results of obedience to what is heard or seen. So what is a divine dream or a vision?

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8 Amazing Things About Angels

What does the Bible say about their roles in our life? What are they like? What are they created to do? Let’s take a look at 7 things the Bible says about angels and their ministry.

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Discerning the Voice of God

There is no escaping the culture of cause-driven protests that have been permeating in cities all over the world. Many of them involving young people that have often been mis-labelled as being apathetic or entitled. While there are differing opinions, often leading to heated debates, on the issues/cause, there is agreement that everyone has a VOICE and there are more platforms than ever before for these voices to bring about changes that would lead to a revolution.