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Weekly Devotionals From Coastal Church Pastors
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Security in Uncertainty

How should we deal with uncertainty? One of the greatest examples in the Bible of someone who was secure in the face of uncertainty is Abraham. He was a successful businessman in one of the most prosperous cities of his day. God would ask him to leave the comfort and security of his home and travel to another land, not knowing much about the place or even the exact location. Abraham had plenty to be uncertain about.

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Helping Your Children and Teens Deal With Anxiety

Parenting during “normal” times can be daunting enough as is, but when moms and dads take on the additional role of homeschooling, while bringing work from the office at the same time, the toll that this take on families and marriages has been evident.

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Giving Yourself Permission To Receive

Are you someone who gives to so many others, yet you struggle to receive for yourself? Do you consider receiving help from others a sign of weakness? Maybe you feel uneasy and undeserving of someone else’s care for you. You’re not alone.

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How to Be a Supportive Friend to Someone Who May Be Struggling With Their Mental Health

Having a friend who struggles with their mental health can feel daunting at times, because though we may care, we just don’t know how to help. Here are 4 key things we can do to be a supportive friend when someone in our lives is struggling with their mental health.

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The Pain of Discipline

I have been a Christian for over 30 years, and in many of my early years I barely read the Bible at all. I used to feel guilty as a young Christian about how I didn’t spend much time reading the most important book ever written.

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Seeing Beauty in the Imperfect

Sometimes in our brokenness, imperfection, and past experiences, we ask ourselves if we can ever be used by God and whether we matter to Him. We might feel like a shattered pottery piece beyond hope and repair.

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Know Where You Belong

There are two important questions for everyone: Who am I? Where do I belong?

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Trust in The Lord

Godly living is not about your high level of human understanding, but in whom you put your ultimate trust. If we trust God, we also acknowledge him daily and we can be assured that He will lead us down the right path.

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A Pattern Of Prayer Worth Keeping

2021 could possibly be the year to begin a prayer of commitment and thankfulness to Him each night.

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The Prince of Shalom

Like many over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching this season of The Crown recently released on Netflix. These new episodes focus mainly on the life of Charles, Prince of Wales and his marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales. Even though their happily ever after ending was not to be, the life of Prince Charles continues to capture the world’s interest and fascination as it has since his birth over 70 years ago.

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Biblical Hope: Better Than Wishing Upon a Star

Many cultures have the tradition of making birthday wishes before blowing out candles on the cake. It is also not unusual to find coins of every currency at the bottom of water fountains, thrown in with the hope of better fortune. From wishing wells to genies in a lamp, tales of worldly wishes coming to pass are all too common in children’s stories.

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When All Hope Seems Lost

A few years back my family and I went white water rafting together as part of our family vacation. We figured it would be a great opportunity for team building and family bonding – and it certainly was! Thankfully we had a guide to navigate and direct us on the boat. When the waters seemed calm, some of us took turns sitting at the front tip of the boat at the guide’s instruction. To be honest, I didn’t want to go, but after much encouragement, I decided to go for it. As I sat and held onto a rope between my legs, I thought to myself, I’m definitely secure for whatever happens next. 

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Your Focus Matters

You need to think about…. what you think about. In order to access this power, we need to change our focus. Paul gives us a helpful guide on the type of thinking that pleases God.

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Fixer Upper

While exploring a nice neighbourhood last week, I noticed a house with a run-down façade, and big nailed plywood sheets covering the windows. Its garden was fenced and unkept, and of course it was not inhabited. I wasn’t sure if the house was deemed condemned or was being prepared to be torn down. Then I wondered about the fate of this property. Would it be destroyed to build something new or would it be bought by someone to restore it?

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God’s Self-Control

We see God’s self-control at the cross, where our lord Jesus died for us. Romans 8:32 – “He who did not spare His own Son but delivered Him up for us.”

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Strength Under Control

When the fruit of gentleness or meekness is on display it is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of bridled strength. Meekness is produced by God living in us, but it requires our conscious choice and cooperation with His Spirit. We can choose to remain gentle or not. It is power and courage under control, linked with kindness.

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The Addictive Quality of Kindness

When we talk about addictions, most people will look at it from a negative standpoint. But what if you could be addicted to something positive? In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul describes a certain group of people who had an addiction. But it was not to alcohol, drugs or gambling that they were addicted to. Their addiction was giving: “I beseech you, brethren, (ye know the house of Stephanas, that it is the firstfruits of Achaia, and that they have addicted themselves to nthe ministry of the saints,)” (1 Corinthians 16:15).

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Do Good Things Really Come to Those Who Wait?

Instant gratification has robbed everyone of patience and the advancement of technology has been a big culprit. Think about it, most innovations are developed to save us time, but we still seem to have less and less of it now than ever before. Why is that?