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Take Another Look At Easter

Across Canada we enjoy the long weekend that Easter brings, yet for many what Easter really means is unclear. For some it is just a time off from work and school, or chocolate bunnies in the stores, or the anticipation of spring and perhaps a gathering with family and friends. It is time for us to take another look at Easter.

Last Words

Have you ever thought what your last words might be? The last words that people speak can reveal a lot about them, whether they have had time to prepare these words or not. Here are a few last words of some famous people:“That was a great game of golf, fellers.” – Bing Crosby

15 Tips For Speaking In Public

1. Find out who your audience is and study how to make the subject you are presenting relevant.2. Know precisely where you want to take your audience and prepare your talk that they can follow you. Practice giving your talk in the mirror or with a trusted friend and evaluate if your talk accomplishes this.

Share The Care

If you have been following the Australian Open Tennis tournament, you probably saw the clip where Jo-Wilfried Tsonga went over and helped one of the ball girls. Apparently the ball girl had been hit in the face but was doing her best to keep her composure despite being injured.

To Live Better Add Hope

The renowned psychologist and psychiatrist Alfred Adler once said, “Hope is the foundational quality of all change.” If you want to make some changes in 2016 and have a better year, you will need to add a generous portion of hope.The key to having hope is having the right source.

Christmas Is About Caring

Christmas is really about caring. The true joy of Christmas is experienced when we care for others and when we reflect on how much God cares about us. Caring by definition means to be warm hearted, kind, interested in others, compassionate, loving or understanding.