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Improve Your Spiritual Ears

Jesus reminded the disciples, “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” (John 14:26 NIV) It is part of the Holy Spirit’s role to teach and, to bring into our remembrance, the Truth that Jesus has spoken.

Run Your Race

Are You Running Your Race Well?

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The Boxed Bird

Like the bird, we can choose to blindly enter into situations with ignorant optimism. Optimism is an amazing quality to have, but not at the expense of taking the time to apply wisdom and careful thought. That’s the amazing benefit of being a part of God’s family.

What Are You Looking At?

Our everyday decisions are often affected by our understanding of current events, past experiences, assessment of consequences, hope for results, and learned preferences. However, perhaps an even bigger factor is, who is looking at us and what are they thinking.

How Do I Discern God’s Will?

The great news is that you can know how God wants you to live your life. You can train your spirit to recognize and discern God’s will by renewing your mind to His word (check out Pastor Dave’s series: Under Construction). Our minds are renewed and transformed as we spend time reading scripture. And in doing so we are able to recognize what God’s will is for us.

Running Out of Fuel

“Fuel Low” sign is on. Seeing this in my car dashboard, the thought on my mind is – how did I manage to do this again?! Whether is letting my car run until the gas tank is nearly empty, or use my laptop even with 5% battery left, I have a tendency of using everything until it reaches its limits. My disposition to give or use everything I got, without re-fueling or re-charging, is something that I’m working to change by the grace of God. The same grace that fuels me to do good works is the same grace I need to be filled again. A purpose-driven life is worth living only when we depend on the One who empowers us with His grace. 


I often hear people say that they do not know their purpose or the will of God for their lives. Well, this scripture lays it out real plain. It is God’s will for each of us to walk in thankfulness to God in everything. Everything might not be exciting or even feel good in the moment, but we are exhorted to give thanks anyways.

A New Destination

If we believe in a personal and sovereign God who created us intentionally out of love, then it follows that there are some logical questions for every person to ask: why did this God create me? Which direction does He want me to go in life? What is the purpose of my brief earthly existence? Where is my destination in this life and will it affect my afterlife?

Navigating In A Changing Culture

The Church that Paul writes to in Colossae faced similar challenges. Their culture had crept into the church and was pressuring the believers to conform to its perspective.The “good philosophies” of Paul’s day did not deny Christ, but it did dethrone Him. It gave Jesus a place, but not the supreme place. The heresies at that time included the worship of angels, mysticism and legalism (a spiritual diet of rules) that would give them eternal life. There was a pressure on the believer, like it is now, to be a culturally correct.

How Love Transformed a Neighbourhood

God has set you up in your neighbourhood, in your office tower, in your networks and in your family to bring the life changing message of Jesus.  All He requires from you is to allow the Fruits of the Spirit to come out of your life until people can’t help but ask what makes you so different.