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Hearing God’s Whispers

“If it’s from God, it will only get stronger.” And with those words we ended our conversation in a coffee shop in the late Fall of 2007. Within a few weeks, I tendered my resignation from an engineering profession that I have enjoyed and excelled in for the past eight years to commit myself fully into ministerial vocation.

God Will Bring You Through

Life comes with seasons of trial and testing. How do we survive and thrive through the storms of life? How do we face fear, pain, addictions, loss, depression, faith crisis and sickness without becoming callused toward God and people? There are no easy and straightforward answers to life’s trials and afflictions, but one thing is sure in the midst of our tribulations – God is able and willing to bring us through storms of life.

Desperate For A Breakthrough

Jesus replied with six simple, but beautiful words that would delight any parent, “Go your son will live!” In faith this nobleman goes, meeting his servants the next day on the way home who confirm that at the very moment he accepted Jesus’ word, his son was healed. Now not only did he believe, but his entire household believed!